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PEEP Session 3 – Helping children to understand their feelings.

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

This week we talked about how young children need reassurance from supportive adults to help them understand their feelings and emotions.

  • Use everyday opportunities to talk to your child, asking them how they feel and telling them how you feel.
  • Recognise the verbal and non-verbal cues that your child uses to express their emotions.
  • Support your child by interacting in a calm tone of voice and helping them to put a name to their feelings.
  • Be a positive role model by showing your child how you react appropriately to your emotions.

As part of this weeks session we made spoon puppets with happy and sad faces to help our children develop an understanding of their feelings.

Ideas to try at home:

  • Look at facial expressions in magazines, on the television or in books, talk about how the people may be feeling.
  • Sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it…’ – change happy to sad/frown, excited/jump up and down etc

*Remember that you can find more information and handouts in the nursery entrance.

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Helping children feel good about themselves – PEEP session 2

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Children develop positive dispositions to learning when they are confident and have good self-esteem. We can support this by helping children to feel good about themselves by using everyday Opportunities to praise children for their achievements, Recognising their efforts and valuing Interactions, (ensuring that we focus on our children when listening to them). It is also important to Model feeling good about ourselves. We made treasure boxes in this weeks session for the children to fill with their special things that make them feel good about themselves. The children are then bringing these into nursery to talk about with their friends.

*If you are not part of our PEEP group you can still take part in the activities at home, just take a handout from the information centre at the nursery entrance.

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Our first PEEP Learning Together session!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Thank you to the nursery families who attended our first PEEP session yesterday. As part of the research project we are supporting the Queens University of Belfast with, we explored ‘the importance of names’.

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